Urban Planning Gangs in Los Angeles Exploration Paper

Metropolitan Planning: Bande in La

Yvonne Perry

Everest On the net

Urban Planning: Gangs in Los Angeles

For this assignment We spoke with my young one's friend that is a gang member in LA to get a little regarding how 1 becomes drawn to life in a gang. I actually felt that we could not program anything pertaining to urban La without knowing what sort of young man or women gets involved in bande. The following is the interview that was carried out on 5/16/2013 between Juan Martinez noted on the roads as Lil Hatchet and I. Yvonne: How did you find yourself in the gang that you just now phone your family? Lil Hatchet: After i was about knees high and shit my mom's was obviously a crack brain and jumps well hell I under no circumstances had no real springs just males in and out. My own little homie Devil released me to the OG and he stated if you do this kind of for me Items watch your as well as you won't possess shit to consider. Dam guy I needed that cause just like I said mom was a crack head so no food to me or my personal sis and i also wanted to care for her. Yvonne: You have a sister?

Lil Hatchet: Sure, but all of us don't talk that much forget about she in the streets providing her rear end cause she had to make it through and if your woman need myself I'll be generally there. Yvonne: What happened to you taking good care of her?

Lil Hatchet: I managed to get caught up once that green started arriving and happened on a demand she got nobody and got turned out by the streets. Yvonne: So what will the gang accomplish in your life?

Lil Hatchet: They acquired my acquired my back they ride or expire for me My spouse and i ride or die to them they are my personal familia. My spouse and i belong now i am not just a nothing. Yvonne: So that is how you saw yourself as nothing?

Lil Hatchet: Yeah, but is not no more I realize now that I am somebody hell I acquired money travel a nice car got two houses I used to be nothing certainly not no more. Yvonne: Thank you for speaking with me

Lil Hatchet: We would do anything for my lil sis Lexis she explained her mom's wanted to ask a few questions and that was all good. Puedo hacer alguma coisa para la familia (I'd do anything for family). Gangs fulfill...

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