potato chips feasibility report Dissertation

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The research

Potato Chips – The Product

Creation Process

Market Situation

Southern region Caucasus marketplace potential

Industry Penetration

Hazards and Dangers

Plant Setup


Herb Investment


Financial Predictions


The analysis

BDO LLP was involved to examine and assess the feasibility study of any new poker chips plant in Georgia.

At the moment, the Georgian potato chips market is mainly focused by foreign producers, specifically from Indonesia and Poultry.

The Study

Gatherings and discussions with authorities and owners:

 Industry worldwide professionals.

 Foreign specialist pertaining to potato growing - Mister. Isaac Tzarfati, Agronomist.

 Mr. Italo Pozzi, Area Manager, FENCO Ltd.

 Key roles holders in the leading businesses along the potato chips supply cycle, such as: Populi, Goodwill, foodstuff service & Mgroup.

The Study (1)


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Potato Chips – The merchandise

Potato chips are:

 Deep fried or cooked thin pieces of potato.

 Piece thickness is usually 55/1000 of your inch.

 Sold in bags of 50g-500g.

 Main part of the snack food market, works extremely well as an appetizer, part dish or snack.

French fries – Creation Process

 Washing – cleaning and destoning.

prepared product.

 Peeling -- peel removing.

 Chopping

 Drying- de-watering with the


paper-thin pieces.

 Baking - in boiling oil.


 Flavoring- powdered seasonings.

 Packaging – forming cushion bags

of 20gr-500gr.

Market place Situation (1)

The Global Saline Snack Sector

 The " salty snack" industry includes largely potato chips, corn chips and tortilla potato chips.

 A global savory snacks market grew by 5. 3% in 2009 to reach a worth of $67, 928. a few million who have represents around. 7, 892. 5 million kilograms.  In 2014, the global tasty snacks marketplace is forecasted to possess a volume of being unfaithful. 3 million ton, a rise of 18. 2% since 2009.

Market place Situation (2)

Global Marketplace Leaders

Market Situation (3)

Chain of Supplies

 Currently, you will discover only handful of small regional producers of potato chips in South Caucasus.

 The primary market share can be captured by simply imported items.

 In countries with local creation, the product is sold to retailers directly or perhaps through marketers.

 Stores include generally supermarkets and grocery outlets.

Current Market...


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