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Efficiency dynamics of Beximco Pharmaceutical drugs Ltd.


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Summer time Semester 2010

MGT506: Strategic Management

College of Business

United Foreign University

Dhaka Bangladesh


Table of Content

Subject Page 01. Historical Background03

02. Firm profile03

goal. Organizational Structure03

04. Market Scenario04

05. Business level Strategy Pursued05

06. Romance between Organization Level Strategy and Performance06 07. SWOT Analysis07

08. Possible Procedures to Improve Performance08

Historical History

Beximco Pharma is a leading edge pharmaceutical company and is an associate of the Beximco Group, the biggest private sector industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. The company started procedure in 1980, manufacturing items under the permits of Bajuware (umgangssprachlich) AG of Germany and Upjohn Inc. of UNITED STATES and now have become to become nation's one of the leading pharmaceutic companies, delivering more than 10% of country's total medication need. Today Beximco Pharma manufactures and markets a unique `branded generics' for almost almost all diseases coming from AIDS to cancer, from infection to asthma, from hypertension to diabetes intended for both countrywide and worldwide markets.

Company Profile

Beximco Pharma makes a range of dosage varieties including tablets, capsules, dried out syrup, dust, cream, lotion, suppositories, large volume intravenous fluids, metered dose inhalers etc . in several world-class manufacturers, ensuring top quality standards making sure that you comply with the Universe Health Organization (WHO) accepted current Great Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). They also contract make for admitted brands of leading multinational firms.

Organizational Structure

BPL is completely governed and maintained by a corporate physique. The chief from the organization is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the total procedure is divided into Marketing, Product sales, Commercial, Developing, Finance and Accounting, Item Planning, Organization Research and Development, and MIS departments each closely watched by a representative. Directors of the departments statement directly to the CEO.

Bearing the demands of dynamic environment in mind BPL designed its organizational composition as highly adaptive and flexible. It is a Learning Organization which has developed the capability to constantly learn, adapt and change. In BPL staff are highly qualified and empowered to handle various job actions and problems. They have nominal formalization with narrow duration of control. The organizational members discuss information openly and work together on work activities.

To get internal conversation, BPL uses a firmly formalized Intranet based electronic communication system as well as relaxed verbal communication. For exterior communication BPL uses both equally internet based electronic digital communication and an array of published communication materials. All the exterior communications are supervised, mostly by Movie director, Marketing and sometimes by Movie director, Sales.

Industry Scenario

In Bangladesh the pharmaceutical sector is one of the many developed hi-tech sectors which is contributing inside the country's overall economy. The nationwide companies take into account more than 65% of the pharmaceutic business in Bangladesh. Apart from Beximco Pharma other leading companies are Rectangular Pharma, Incepta Pharmaceuticals. Navana Pharma Limited., Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd., Aventis Pharma Ltd. And so forth

Among them Sq Pharma is definitely the market leader at this moment. BPL follows Sq Pharma in the 2nd position. The analysis of the two company's economic data demonstrates for the entire year 2007-2008 major profit of BPL was 1, 629, 514, 837(BDT) and Square...


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