m trade Essay




In this project we aim to know the opinions of banks

and its clients regarding the mobile phone banking

solutions offered by the banks.

We all recorded the viewpoints of banks and its customers

throughout the medium of the questionnaire packed by banking companies

and various individuals employing mobile banking services.

Mobile banking companies are available by all of the

banks nowadays and people do opt for these kinds of services

as they are easy to use and one doesn't always have to visit

the financial institution every time.


We would like to thank each of our Business,

Entrepreneurship and Supervision subject educator

Mr. Amit Kumar, for giving us the opportunity to

focus on this project and gain knowledge about the

mobile financial services offered.

We would love to thank the employees of

various banking companies for their respond to our

set of questions and also the different individuals which usually

we analyzed for supplying us time out of their busy

schedules and giving all of us most satisfactory responses.


Just how is mobile banking companies useful for banks and

their customers.

Customers Point of View

 Bankers Viewpoint

Analyzing their landscapes.

Concluding the results produced.


Prepare questionnaire and get it loaded by buyers

and banking companies.

Key assumptions

All people work with mobile financial services.

 All banking institutions have portable banking providers.

Precisely what is Mobile Trade?

Mobile Commerce is about the exploding market of

applications and solutions that are becoming

accessible from online enable mobile devices. It

involves new systems, services and business

probe. It is quite different from traditional internet commerce. Mobile phones enforce very different limitations than computer system computers.


Customers Point of View

The analysis which will we infer from the details collected in the people and the m-commerce users is basically varied in


Different viewpoint have been provided to all of us by the users and put more pressure for the techniques which should be

altered to be able to give m-commerce a better range and ground

for its working.


Mostly stress have been laid within the security of the system that the banks have provided in order that no individual may loose his

personal information in the consequence of easy bank.

By our research we found out that in most with the cases response by the users are similar keeping aside 1 or 2 points that have different perspective of users according with their uses, bank facility, trust and the functions carried out by your bank.


Bankers Perspective

We have arrive to know that same items even have being

brought under supervision and make required amendments.

The bankers perform agree to the actual that some points particular to the services like ease of access and reliability have to be used care more seriously also to provide the customer with more

level of privacy and produce their system more efficient and easy so that many people can acquire these services.


Mobile bank do have got a 100% better approach

than normal banking nevertheless the bankers will need to bring

with regards to a personal touch in the m-commerce services

and also increase the performance and system

management so that people start off relying on mbanking and banks have more very clear grounds when it comes to the new approach or strategies they want to

or may possibly come out with some thing innovative in the



Research work carried out by a team of four


Visiting banks – filling forms by employees.

 Reviewing customers – filing their particular responses in




Made by:

Mohit Rana

 Karandeep Singh Dhami

 Anant Agarwal

 Deepak Goswami

- 13BCA009

- 13BCA010

- 13 BCA070

- 13BCA072...


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