Jane Eyre Journal Essay

List of Heroes 5 Points

Symbol/Image 5 Points

* Character Trait 5 Points

2. Character Evaluation 5 Points

List of Characters: http://museumbox.e2bn.org/

* Bessie Lee (Nurse for Mrs. Reed)

Mrs. Reed (Jane's Aunt)

Mister. Rochester (Jane's Love, and later Husband)

Maria Temple (teacher at Lowood)

Grace Poole (Bertha's caretaker)

Adele Varens (Student Jane Teaches, Mr. Rochester's little girl? ) Celine Varens (Adele's Mom)

Mr. Brocklehurst (Director of Lowood)

Helen Burns (Jane's Best Friend—Deceased)

Mister. Lloyd (Doctor of Mrs. Reed)

Mr. Reed (Deceased Uncle, and Husband to Mrs. Reed)

Eliza Reed (Nickname Lizzy; Reed Child)

Georgianna Reed (Nicknamed Georgy; Reed Child)

John Reed (Reed Child: Eldest)

Miss Abbot (Jane's teacher by Lowood)

Jane Ann

St . David Rivers (Nickname Sinjin: Jane's beneficiary when ever she operates away) Mrs. Fairfax (Caretaker of Thornfield Hall)

Bertha and Rich Mason (Mr. Rochester's 1st wife, and Bertha's Brother) Sophie (Adele's Nurse)

Mr. Briggs

Blanco and Mary Rivers (Jane's Cousins)

Rosamond Oliver (wealthy daughter of Mr. Oliver)

Ruben Eyre (Jane's Family Member)

Blanche Ingram (A one woman whom tries to pick up Mr. Rochester's admirations) Miss Scatcherd

2. Symbol/Image:



This kind of Image symbolizes Love Or Autonomy

In Jane Eyre, greatly the story features a quest to be loved. Jane queries, not just to get romantic appreciate, but also for a sense of being wished, of that belong. Her fear of losing her autonomy motivates her refusal of Rochester's marriage proposal. In the book, Her struggles to find the right harmony between obligation and enjoyment, between responsibility to very little and focus on her body system. She incurs three key religious character types: Mr. Brocklehurst, Helen Burns up, and St . John Rivers. Jane later on ends up rejecting all of the 3 models of faith, but the girl does not forego morality, spiritualism, or a perception in a Christian God. Jane ultimately discovers middle floor. She challenges constantly to achieve equality and overcome oppression. Jane as well encounters a series of nurturing and strong ladies in the book, who have she can easily model himself, or who have she can speak to for enjoyment guidance. 5.

5. Character Attributes:

Tenderhearted | * Regretful| 2. Creative| 2. Jealous| * Argumentative| * Talented| 2. Educated| * Caring| 2. Intelligent| 5. Classy| * Polite| * Thoughtful| 5. Passionate| 2. Respectful| 5. Responsible| 5. Knows the job at Hand| *

* Persona Spotlight:

**Due to the book changing ages suddenly by chapter 12, Jane Eyre is referred to in the two ages. **

The moment Jane Eyre is ten years old in Lowood, she's but regarding 5 feet tall, a very small fat, frail pale skin, a gray dress and apron and hood are given to her to wear, she has long glenohumeral joint lengthen brunette hair, (but later is definitely cut off to become shorter. )

When Anne Eyre is usually 18 years old. She is a brunette, with abnormal features, she typically wears her long hair in a bun pulled at the rear of her brain, or in a braid before your woman goes to pickup bed, she dons pale darker color dresses, often which has a bonnet once she is vacationing. She is regarding 5'5'', and a thin weight; she has pale failing skin, plus more womanly features. Her conversation is very thoughtful, and very well spoken, with proper structures. She has an even finer way of performing things, mostly because of a around decade in Lowood. Her private thoughts are based on the reactions from certain character types in the book, although she generally reflects on herself and her life, with meaning. 2.

* Character Examination:

The primary character in Jane Eyre is Anne Eyre. Although the main discord is Her falling in love with the glumness Mr. Rochester, when during her life she was not wanted. Over the novel there are much tinier main conflicts instead of 1 main major problem.

The key conflict thickens as the plot moves along. It...


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