Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending the Grades of the Colegio para Dagupan Learners to Their Parents Essay


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending the Grades in the

Colegio de Dagupan Learners to their Parents

A research conventional paper submitted for the faculty of

School of Engineering

In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the

course in English Connection 2

Discipulo, Margie Lyn C.

Espiritu, John Draw A.

Fragata, Jessa C.

Gapuz, Ervie R.



Desk of Contents


I. Advantages

A. History of the Examine

B. Targets of the Analyze

C. Declaration of the Trouble


II. Dialogue

A. Internet Studies

B. Review Findings

C. Interview Studies


III. Summary

A. Brief summary

B. Conclusion

C. Advice



CHAPTER I actually

Background Analyze

Every educational institution has focused to attain accomplishment through their various applications, projects and activities. That they play the vital position in the execution of new proportions to realize visions for the brighter upcoming. Our college serves to get our second home and our teachers which will serve to be the second parents. Students will be sent to school by their parents but mother and father are not able to screen their child's in overall performance in school. The scholars have all all their portals, but is not all mom and dad are informed about it or some how to start the pass word of the consideration or maybe many are not computer literate. Nepo Mall has become built in the front of Gremio de Dagupan which may generate an impact on the academic performance and lifestyle of students. The world today is incredibly different from last night. Students likewise changes. More recently, many gizmos and technology are released in the market. Learners were not capable of give more attention to their studies. Some parents are as well busy to check their children's performance at school even their very own child's grade were not supervised. So as of the, the President of this organization implemented a fresh policy - it is to produce hard copy of each students grade in their house. In this concern, we search for if there is any advantage or perhaps disadvantage of mailing the grades of Gremio de Dagupan students to their parents.

Aims of the Research

The study make an effort to answer the subsequent questions:

1 . To be able to identify if the new policy could help the parents keep an eye on their child? installment payments on your Are the father and mother satisfied with the new policy?

three or more. Is all their any benefit or drawback for the scholars with the fresh policy? 5. Is the new policy very well implemented?

5. Did most students obtain their levels through nota?

Statement with the Problem

The analysis aim to established if you will find advantage or perhaps disadvantage of sending thegrades of Colegio sobre Dagupan pupils to their father and mother. And if the modern policy is definitely wellimplemented by the administration.




A. Internet Studies


The main advantage is that an online. Website can be create to automatically grade answers and the principal disadvantage would be that the best answer may not be the right response. * Community college offers such a portal and it's great once test answers are immediately placed for test-taker viewing. * Student web site it's college or university online level access for student in CDD. Good thing about writing our personal is that we can make any sort of adjustments or perhaps new features without any problem.

B. Study Findings

Stand I. Percentage of correspondents according to varsity.

School| Population| Percentage

SOHS| 10| 18. 18%

SOE| 10| 18. 18%

SIHM| 10| 18. 18%

SBA| 10| 18. 18%

SAS| 10| 18. 18%

SITE| 5| 9. 09%

Total| 55| 100%

Table I presents the amount of correspondents by each university or division 10 away of fifty five or 18. 18% coming from theSchool of Engineering(SOE), College of Wellness Sciences(SOHS), School of Intercontinental Hotel and Management (SIHM), School of Business and Accountancy(SBA), College of Arts and Savoir (SAS) and 5 or 9. 09% from...


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