348 EvB Essay

Вариант 8

Тест А

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа. It all started ?nternet site made my personal way home from work. We (A1)... on a key computer program for over 12 months, and everyone (A2)... pretty anxious about completing on time, so it was very good to get away through the office. It (A3)... and it seemed like everyone was travelling home concurrently, anxious to prevent getting wet. I went down into the underground station and (A4)... intended for the train when I saw her at the end in the platform. Her red leather jacket jogged my memory of a thing I (A5)... in a film, although I actually couldn't remember when. ?nternet site watched, she opened her handbag and took away what looked like a hand held computer. The lady (A6)... something on the screen, and then appeared in my direction. Suddenly, my mobile phone made a appear that intended I had a text message. Frowning, I hard pressed a key as well as the message made an appearance. 'Your girl (A7).... We realize you (A8)... the plan. Follow the female in reddish. ' We looked up as she was disappearing fever currently brewing. I ran after her. А1.

1) have been operating

2) were worked

3) have worked

4) had been doing work


1) gets

2) was receiving

3) can get

4) has got


1) has been raining

2) acquired rained

3) was raining

4) rains


1) wait

2) had patiently lay

3) was waited

4) was holding out


1) see

2) have seen

3) had seen

4) had been seen


1) checked out

2) had been checked

3) was looking at

4) was checked


1) has kidnapped

2) was kidnapping

3) acquired kidnapped

4) has been kidnapped


1) had finished

2) possess completed

3) were concluding

4) total

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа. We all make a few mistakes. Our company is no exception, and (A9)... rare occasions our clients have trigger (A10)... problem. We pride ourselves (A11)... our speedy and successful way of adding things proper. Please begin by having (A12)... word with our Customer Satisfaction Officer. There's just about every chance that he can deal with your problem (A13)... your finish satisfaction. In the event that goods are faulty, they can arrange (A14)... immediate alternative. Our Handling Director is additionally available simply by appointment should you be still miserable (A15)... any type of our support. All this means that our consumers are our first Concern — in reality our most important partners in (A16)... business. А9.

1) at

2) for

3) in

4) on


1) in

2) to get

3) to

4) with


1) on

2) with

3) at

4) for


1) a

2) a great

3) the

4) --


1) with

2) to

3) on

4) at


1) a

2) an

3) the

4) --


1) by

2) for

3) with

4) of


1) a

2) an

3) the

4) --

Прочитайте предложения. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа. А17.... the key road was closed, we all decided to have an alternative way. 1) As

2) As a way

3) In case

4) To ensure that

А18. Jenny had browse all... plays when the lady studied at school. 1) Shakespeare's and Shaw's

2) Shakespeare and Shaw's

3) Shakespeare's and Shaw

4) Shakespeare and Shaw

5) Укажите номер подчеркнутого фрагмента, в котором допущена ошибка. 6) А19. A number of people features tried (1) to find the cherish (2), but (3) they have all failed (4). 7) A20. She behaved their self (1) really unfriendly method (2) at the party (3) we both attended a couple of months (4) ago. 8) A21. Now i'm fed up with (1) the telephone (2) today. I have had (3) a dozen of calls (4). 9) A22. Bill didn't feel (1) tiring (2) all the time (3) if he went to bed earlier (4). 10) A23. I always told them (1) I will acquire a motorcycle (2) when ever (3) I had enough funds (4). 11) A24. That (1) was so much function to do (2) this morning i haven't experienced time (3) to make some urgent telephone calls (4). Прочитайте предложения. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа. If a video of the dancing bird called Snowball appeared on the Internet on YouTube, it (A25)... a lot interesting. People were surprised to see a chicken moving to music. A scientist called Aniruddh Patel wanted to discover first-hand whether...


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